Friday, 23 August 2013

Preparations are key?

Okay so the first nights gaming didn’t go exactly to plan, mainly due to the fact that I was the only person who had ever written up inquisitor characters before, so we spent the night filling in paperwork, but hey, that’s the way it goes sometimes, from prior experience I’m sure it will be worth it, a brief post today on Weapons-
The weapons of Gotham are largely going to be those of the real world, and that means we have to eliminate a large chunk of the guns from inquisitor, this is a good thing however as armour is going to be rare, and anything bigger than a heavy stubber (or 30m machine gun) would be unbelievably deadly. Obviously there are exceptions to this ‘real world’ rule, but most of them have some game equivalent we can base rules on; Mr Freeze’s raygun (stasis weapon), Penguins umbrella’s (various weapons mixed up, plus a helicopter), scarecrow’s fear bombs (scare grenades) and jokers googly eyes (auspexes) and so on. We also need to assign a ‘rep’ value to each weapon, plus a new ‘common’ ‘rare’ rating etc
Whilst meandering on this point it’s worth noting that many of my fellow inquisitor players moans from the past about game balance centred around the difficulty in writing balanced warbands, the ‘ready reckoner’ at the back of the book simply goes on common, rare, unusual etc, so something as overpowered as a Frost Blade counts as much toward your rep as a servo skull that takes notes… for me it’s never been a huge issue as I choose not to play with muppets who would abuse the system, but I may at some point ‘point up’ the equipment in the basic Inq book, just to see where it would lead. Anyway enough meandering- here’s the Gotham weapons chart-

9mm clip fed pistols5 rep
submachine guns (uzi etc)10 rep
AutogunbasicCsingle, semi(4), full(10)2D6+230230rare
Assault rifles (M16, Kalashnikov etc20 rep
6 shooters, colts etc5 rep
15 rep
Sawn-off ShotgunbasicAsingle-102D6+21*1*20common
15 rep
Double Barrelled ShotgunbasicAsingle/semi(2)-102D6+21*1*20common
20 rep
Pump action ShotgunbasicEsingle/semi(2/3)2D6+28*2*35common
20 rep
Automatic ShotgunbasicCsingle/semi)2/5)2D6+220340rare
20 rep
Hunting RiflebasicGsingle2D6+410*2*40rare
bolt action rifles, police snipers etc20 rep
Heavy StubberHeavyCsemi(4/6)/fully(10)3D640345rare
50 rep
Hand Flamerbasic*15*Flame-25%2D64625rare
25 rep
50 rep
15 rep
Disposable Rocket LauncherHeavyAsingle (A1B6)-53D61xx30rare
loaded with super Krak to represent R/L bazooka, could swap for super frag for hollywood effect30 rep
Throwing KnifeThrownEsingle-5D61xx10common
1 rep
Throwing StarThrownEsingle/Semi(2)D3+11xx10common
1 rep each
Smoke GrenadeGrenadeEBlast 41xx10rare
5 rep
NameReachDamageParry PWeightAvailabilityrep
Short Sword/Machete2D10-15%15common2
Great axe23D6+2-20%45common10
Great Hammer22D6+2-15%45common10
Knuckle Dusters0Unarmed +3-30%5common2
Armoured Gauntlet0Unarmed +4-35%5rare2
Improvised Weapon1Unarmed +3-20%specialspecial0

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