Saturday, 6 December 2014

some painting and an Ice witch

I've been painting the barges and crane since my last post, colourful in some ways but weatherbeaten mostly, here's a couple f shots of the crane progressing, I'm going to wait until I have everything together for finished photos as I think it will have more impact, if anyone wants a breakdown of colours and techniques used just ask and I'll write it up, for now it's just head down and paint!

I often refer to myself as a lazy modeller, and I should probably quantify that, I'm not lazy in that i don't do anything,m I'm lazy in that if I can find a faster, cheaper way of doing something in the long run, I will, for example- I want stone cladding on all the surfaces of the docks table, which could take a while to carve by hand, solution? I went out and bought some 'O' gauge red brick and stone texture plasticard from a railway range,, as you can see below, it's nice and detailed. 

I then built some formers around a couple of sections of this plasticard joined together, which I used to make plaster moulds, form these I'll cast thin latex skins that I can use to cover foamcard/wood where I want the stone texture of brick pattern, sure it's more work today, but in the long run it's a lot easier, and I'll have the moulds to keep for future projects:)

The last thing Ive finished recently is my Silent one for Malifaux, made from  Snow model I was given, sadly without storm, I added a green stuff cape and dreadlocks, and magnetised the base so I can hunt down a storm proxy to use in the future:)

My terrain making enthusiasm would almost certainly have stopped me finishing her off were it not for the Wyrd place november challenge, which has had some stunning entries and really got me motivated to get her done!

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