Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mick ToMB2 month 2 purchases

As I have explored Arcanist pretty thoroughly it leaves me little purchase room, so I have gone put of faction for month 2, My first purchase was part of a TTB multipart kit with which I will be building a Friekorps Trapper and Librarian to beef up my ranged and healing for Mei as she lacks in those areas a little, my Second purchase is Toshiro the Daimyo, because once I run mei as TT his abiility to give minions fast and [+] flips, combined with the upgrade allowing him to turn the emberlings scrap-poop into summoned Komainu's has to be tried out. 

however as he's going to have to be a little more low-profile round the factory, and frankly and Daimyo worth his salt is going to clean himself up a bit after resurrection, I thought I'd give him a quick valet before he takes to the table- 

I'll get the trapper and librarian up soon.

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