Thursday, 16 April 2015

Tomb Month 2- very late indeed...

Ok, so I allowed all the proxies (and some Dropzone) to get in the way, which meant my ToMB stuff is way past deadline, a forfeit is to be paid to WaaC, and I shall continue with Month 3, BUT I think it was worth the wait- with some new togs and a bit of kabuki Makeup, you can barely tell this guys dead...

I was given A games& Gears Katana freehand brush last week, and this guy has so much flat area I thought screw it, I;ll have a go, I learnt a lot (it is very precise, but the paint consistency needs to be perfect, mine was way too thick as you can see) and I actually liked it, will see how it works for tattoos at some point:) Those of who who have scrolled through the galleries to the right may have noticed that his paint and basing scheme matches my Ito Clan, that's because I intend to use the Ito to proxy those Ten Thunders who are yet to grace us with their presence:) I also finished my TTB kit Friekorps trapper- 

The idea behind her is that she managed to get seriously injured on a mission in the north, and the rail crew stumbled upon her as she lay dying, a little Mei Feng magic later and she back up on her feet, with some new toys and a debt of loyalty to Mei that means she's available for a little light sniper work whenever she is needed.

Month 3- Illuminated box set, they are tasty minions I hate to face, and as joint faction I'm looking forward to fielding them with my TT! also with the spare money (and a bit from last month) I picked up Itsunagi Ito, who is going to be my Lone Swordsman proxy:)
#Till Next Time!

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