Monday, 27 November 2017

Miners Guild

"The other guilds wouldn't last long without us, where would the blacksmiths be without coal, or the Engineers without our Iron? We ripped every blade, cleaver and fishhook from the bare rock since before the wars but where is the respect for our work? We've all heard the old joke about the Farmers and the Miners, 'The only thing lower than digging dirt is digging under it'. Well the Farmers didn't wait to earn that respect, they went out there and took it with hard work and discipline. And that's just what we're going to do, if they won't give us respect, we'll sink shaft and and dig the damn thing out of them.."

Vein, Miners and Colliers guild Captain.

So these started out when a good friend gave me a set of kick off Masons, I'd already painted an engineers team up straight out of the box but I tend not to paint many things straight, I enjoy putting my own stamp and theme on them. I'd been down an old mine a few weeks before so already had a lot of ideas about them, and the theme fitted the models pretty well so I did a few small conversions (okay Gob is pretty big, but Marbles is in there somewhere!) that kept them recognisable whilst giving them character.

I also experimented with the paint scheme, I'd done a little OSL here and there, but never so extreme as this, and is such a paintily/informal style. Some of it worked well, some of it didn't but it was definitely an interesting learning experience.

I've got lucky coming tomorrow, but for now it's time to make a pitch and pimp out some TT combat mine workings for terrain:)

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