Monday, 23 September 2013

Channel 7 News Report (last thursdays Game)

“Sian Hidachi here reporting for channel 7 news here in Gotham city, where we meet ex criminal turned pillar of the community Oswald Cobblepot, here to tell us about his new initiative ‘The Iceberg Watch’ Mr Cobblepot; tell us all about it?”

“Hi Sian, and please, call me Oswald… well as you mentioned I was once a hardened criminal, forced by desperation into acts that some even called terrorism, but by the grace of the good people of Gotham I was given a second chance, and I have done my best to earn the trust placed in me that day.. and that is what The iceberg watch is about, second chances; these men you see around me are all one-time criminals, low level thugs and enforcers who had no choice but to sell their services to one costumed lunatic after another just to put food in their families mouths.. well no more! The Iceberg watch is a private security firm, which exclusively employs these ex ‘goons’ so we are better informed, and better equipped, to deal with so called ‘super-villains’ such as Mr Freeze and the Scarecrow than regular forces, after all we know how they work from the inside out, plus it keeps these noble men, desperate for a calling, from swelling the ranks of these villains”

“Thanks Oswald, merely moments ago we witnessed the Iceberg Watch in action, as Bane himself, seemingly aided by the Joker, broke out from nearby Arkham Asylum, with no security forces in sight and the police fighting off the riots downtown, Mr Cobblepot sprang into action, wounding and driving off the Jokers crew, whilst bravely attempting to engage Bane in dialogue, re-capturing several of his men, If not for a camera fault we would be able to show you Oswalds heroism”

“It was nothing more than the good citizens of Gotham deserve my dear, should we allow thugs like Bane, or psychopaths like the Joker to run free in Gotham when we had both the men and the means to stop them? No! Although not currently contracted by the Asylum we cannot allow thoughts of profits to distract us from the cause of justice”

“And you received some unexpected help during the escape in the form of the Batman, is this a formal arrangement?”

“Not at all, in fact as you can clearly see from this footage the batman threw the joker from a second storey window, and then pummelled him unconscious while he was defenceless, another brutal act that tells us all that we cannot rely on masked vigilante, the Iceberg Watch is a registered private security firm, our address is on file for any who wish to find us, which is more than I can say about the Batman..”

“Indeed, this next footage shows Bane hurling the batman across Arkhams driveway, and the caped crusader was unable to prevent Bane’s escape, in fact you say his presence prevented you from talking Bane down?”

“I had risked my own life to talk to Bane man-to-man, and he had respected that, he was on the cusp of surrender when that winged fool arrived and aggravated him, escalating a situation that we had under control, and in the mayhem his entrance caused the Joker also disappeared”

“Well thanks again Mr Cobblepot , sorry, Oswald, and there’ll be a special edition  of ‘Gothams Finest’ tonight at 9 where you can see the full footage the Iceberg Watch’s heroic defence of the city, only on channel 7”

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