Saturday, 7 September 2013

Clown Cars

ok, I managed to take very bad, almost unusable photos of the game, so I won't be using them:P instead I'll have to do with (almost) finished photos of the Jokers Crew, plus the second game report-

Game two- Clown Cars

GCPD: two cops- one rookie, one vet
Joker: The Joker himself.

Scenario- The Police are driving one car each- a police cruiser which holds the goons, and the jokers truck which holds the jewels from the heist. each goon, the truck and the jewels are worth one VP each to whoever holds them at the end of the game.

Terrain: a street in the Narrows

The Jokers attention span may not be great, but when the truck didnt arrive at the pre-arranged meeting point even he was suspicious, mainly that his insane henchman had run off with the loot... with instructions to Harkey, the Ringmaster and Mime to check the prisons, the asylum and the morgue, he stole a nearby car and raced off to the narrows  to find his jewels.

Imagine his surprise when after only a few minutes drive down the deserted streets he found himself face to face with a police cruiser, closely followed by his own truck, only a clown could get arrested in the narrows...

Turn 1: The joker slammed his foot on the accelerator, and aimed his headlights straight at the cruiser. The Rookie driving was still unsuspecting at this point, as was the Vet in the Jokers truck so they slowly came on.

Turn 2:  The revving of the engine, and the obviously smashed up windscreen finally caught the attention of the Rookie, who saw the beat up station wagon coming straight for him, getting on the radio to the Vet he tried to take evasive action but the narrow street hemmed him in too much.

Turn 3: In a last ditch battle of nerves (the Joker decided that he wasn't going to lose at chicken today whatever I did) the Rookie managed to veer at the last minute,(coward!!) swerving to the left of the Jokers car, and drawing his pistol opening fire through his own window at the speeding Lunatic, he hit nothing but the Vet behind saw the gunfire and skidded to a halt, blocking the street but slamming himself around inside the car.

Turn 4: The Joker may be mad, but even he knows T-boning a car wasnt going to end well for him, slamming on the brakes he swept the station wagon to one side, and as it came around he tumbled out of the drivers door, before rolling to his feet, by the time the car slammed into the side of the purple ruck he had come about and was climbing over the bonnet toward the stunned Veteran, The rookie saw the clash in the mirror, and screeched to a halt, climbing out with his radio in one hand and his pistol in the other.

Turn 6: It was his truck in the first place, so the Joker can hardly be blamed for wanting to get it back, he dived through the drivers side window, landing on the Veterans lap he slammed his fist into the cops chubby abdomen, with a buzz of electricity (he rolled critical damage with his punch!)  the Vet began coughing up blood , heaving the clown off him into the passenger seat he clambered back out the way the clown came in, this time into the station wagon! All the Rookie could do was call for back up as he couldn't see anything.

Turn 7: having gained control of his loot surprisingly easily, Mr J climbed back into to the drivers seat, gunned the engine and sped off into the darness, leaving nothing but a beat up station wagon, an unconscious cop and a trail of purple paint behind him... his goons he would have to come back for, so we'll call this one a draw...

here's the almost finished gang (still need to finish the orange on all but the Auguste, plus a few details)

 The clown truck is from Ainsty Castings Carpark range, and I couldn't resist:) the 'Extra'  crew member is Mime, a 1980's batman villain who appeared in maybe 2 comics, but fitted with my spare models available and sort of matches the jokers theme...

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