Friday, 6 September 2013

First Walk round the Streets of Gotham

Last night saw myself (the Joker) and Matt (commissioner Gordon) take to the streets with a few models from our respective warbands, (The Penguin was playing Malifaux, Batman was exploring a super dungeon and Bane was still in Blackgate, the perils of the varied game scene you find at FLGS as great as Firestorm) and to ease Matt into it we started small, with something a bit more story led..

Garrett and Daughters jewellers had sat on the corner of Gothams mainstreet for 90 years, serving the rich and affluent citizens of Gotham from behind it's reinforced facade, though in general these offered less protection than the Garrett families links to the Marconi crime sydicate. The protection generated by such a fearsome name as the Marconi's however counts for little when the criminal in question is as fearless (or at least as crazy) as the Joker, who in his freshly stolen children's entertainers truck, managed to pull off a dramatic heist using several chemically loaded balloons and a hijacked earthmover, and make away with more than 2 million dollars worth of expensive jewellery.

The Jokers love of the comedic may have once again let him down though, as after he sent his goons back to base in the clown truck with most of the goods, the mistreated vehicle broke down right in the middle of the narrows, where 2 beat cops, a young rookie and his more experienced partner stumbled across the surreal sight of to 2 clowns wearing more bling than Mr T under the hood of a purple and lime green boxtruck, which is where our game begins..

Game one: the Arrest

GCPD: two basic police officers
Jokers Crew: Clown and Contra Auguste

Terrain: a long street in the Narrows with several side streets, a raised car park sits in the centre of the table, with the Clown truck broken down on one of its corner streets.

Deployment: the Clown and Contra Auguste are deployed by the truck, with the GCPD officers at the other end of the main street

The game started with the Rookie jogging forward to behind a nearby skip, and calling out to the clowns to get on the ground, whilst his exasperated colleaugue fumbled to get his gun out of his holster. By the truck the Clown turned, and seeing the hated GCPD uniform started to weave toward the inexperienced officer brandishing his baseball bat, the Contra August meanwhile ducked behind one of the carparks support pillars.

Turn 2: The Clown was in for a surprise, what he lacked in street sense the rookie more than made up for on the range, a crack shot to the painted goons groin left him stumbling and rolling into a moaning lump in the middle of the street, finally deciding it was safe to move in the veteran drew his cuffs and advanced on the moaning Clown, who had decided to turn invisible for safety (and if he could actually do that instead of being a lunatic it would probably have worked better). The Auguste sprang out from behind the pillar, swiping ildly at the veteran with his knife, although the fat cop managed to dodge both frenzied attacks.

Turn 3: Saw the Rookie moving up to assist, not wanting to risk friendly fire he drew his baton and charged in, after a few false swings he caught the Auguste a solid blow on the back of the head, knocking the knife wielding crazy unconscious in one blow! this left the veteran free to try and slap the cuffs on the clown, who had just recovered his wits and managed to fend him off, swiping at the legs of both officers with his bat to no real effect.

Turn 4: The officers redoubled their efforts to bring the Clown under control, the rookie grabbing his arms whilst the Veteran went for the cuffs again, struggling free the Clown kicked away from his attackers, and executing a beautiful 'pratfall and tumble roll' dived behind some trashcans across the street, much to the surprise of the GCPD duo!

Turn 5: Still surprised by the elaborate acrobatic escape, the Rookie still managed to switch weapons and take aim at the garbage pile, the Veteran took advantage of the lull to cuff the Auguste and draw his own pistol.

Turn 6: Both GCPD decided to go for safety rather than keep trying to bring the deranged goon in intact, they opened fire with their pistols into the general area of the trashcans, ripping into the rusted metal and sending filthy debris everywhere, clipping the Clown forcing him to huddle down into the trash, stunned by the assault.

Turn 7: A quiet turn as the GCPD spent it cautiously moving over to the ruined trashcans with drawn batons, whilst the Clown started some makeshift first aid.

Turn 8: In a moment of impressive ineptitude that may well explain the state of Gotham's civil disobedience, both cops spent the whole turn smashing into the trashcans and assorted garbage, totally missing their intended target, who finished strapping himself up and grabbed his bat.

Turn 9: The Rookie finally figured out which piece of trash was the fugitive (probably when it picked up a baseball bat) managed to land another clean blow to the skull, (he finished top of his class in the academy at skull cracking) and put the Clown down.  The Veteran slapped the cuffs on and it's game over, now all they have to do is get the clown truck, the squad car, the recovered loot and the two goons back to HQ..

I'll add some pictures and the second game (in which the Clown Prince of Crime gives the Veteran a lapdance) later on, along with some thoughts on the game:)

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