Friday, 18 October 2013

Because I'm Bat, man:)

Haven't painted much that isn't drop pod for a while (commissions can drag at times for me) but after I played a few games down firestorm with the new Savage Wave bat I couldn't help taking an evening out to paint him up, with a lightly sculpted base I think he's looking fine, but I cant decide if I want to add warpaint to it like the concept art had (coloured Bakemono handprints all over the fur like this) anyway, here he/she/it, the eater of maidens, the stalker of snakes, is!

Albino bats have no pigmentation like other albinos, but as their wings are just skin, they end up being strangely translucent, which took a while getting right, the flesh over the limbs was fun to do as well, and I found out that bats can close their ears when they issue their big echo-locating screech to avoid deafening themselves, didnt know much about bats, but they are fascinating:)

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