Sunday, 1 December 2013


I haven't managed to post for a while, mainly as I've been working on commissions and I don't post those up (being nice to the people who paid me is quite important) however, that said, I have taken a bit of time out to get involved in some dreadball, which although I haven't played many games I absolutely love, and after bouncing through the rules I spotted the page about Dreadball Extreme, and thought, 'that's me, right there...' I got a human team from a good friend Sam (his blog is here) at Xmas, so I painted those up (from spray to finished during the movie armageddon... they arent the most complex models thankfully), and designed a bit of background- Workers from the salvage firm responsible for disposing of used Dreadball armour, who set up their own dreadball league with pilfered armour in the bowels of their salvage ship, eventually catching the attention of the firms owners, who decided to back their raw talent with corporate sponsorship.

This then led me to think 'hmmm, i want extreme bases' so I got some plasticard, built some bases, and cast them up in resin. this in turn made me think 'what if...' and I embarked on a rather over the top idea- I would use these bases to build an entire pitch from scratch, extreme style, and so I did- on a base of plastic mesh from a craft shop, I built 'The Rustbucket' home of the Royston Brothers Salvagers team 'The Rust-Eze Raiders'

Here's some pictures, followed by the first game report of the league I'm currently playing in firestorm games

"Marv 'the Mouth' Hengist here with my long time co-host Chuck Waggon at the Rustbucket to report on tonights rather unique game. After some initial confusion over drinks allocation when the caterers at the Rustbucket had simply sprayed the team initials on the refreshment trolleys to denote which was destined for each dressing room, meaning the Raiders were left with a unique Terraton tea made from crushed coral and seaweed, whilst the Rebels were served no10 'Blast-charge' Billy's finest moonshine, we managed to get under way. The game started with the Raiders no2 'Beauty Scream' Betty stealing a quick 1 Point behind the Terraton's back, before being pounded off the pitch by an enraged alien. The pain continued for the Rust-Eze team for the next few rushes as they failed to penetrate the Reptiles tough shells, and even Blast Charge was beat down by a brawling Rebel guard. eventually the Raiders got another break, and stealing the ball from a Terraton (no Chuck I don't know his name, all these damn aliens look alike to me) as he closed on a big 4 pointer they got another cheap 1 point, they were 2-0 up, but their celebration was cut short as no5 'Redshirt' Bobby was dropped with a blow to the head so severe he's likely now playing ball on the Rustbucket in the sky (yes Chuck I know that as it's mounted on a salvage ship the Rustbucket already is in the sky let's not let that get in the way of a good metaphor) as the game reached it's closing moments the viscous moonshine imbibed by the Rebels finally worked it's way into their alien system, and as they began to wobble rather strangely around the pitch a commotion in the dressing rooms revealed that the refreshments mix-up may not have been as accidental as previously thought, the robot ref dialled up Digby, and after a brief online chat called the game a draw on Rush 11, pending a stewards enquiry."

Draw- Both teams gain 1 dice (I rolled a 5)

NO2 'Beauty Scream' my MVP'
NO1 on the terratons killed NO5 (guard 'Redshirt')

My purchase- guard no11 'Bore-hole' Baldwin

No spare Mc, new rating 101.

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  1. That is one epic pitch! Nice work - certainly ready for extreme! I like reading your match reports - very entertaining. Thanks for sharing.