Friday, 13 December 2013

Dreadball game 3

" Good evening folks, Marv 'the Mouth' Hengist here on a subdued night at the Rustbucket with my conspirator in crime Chuck Waggon, tonight's game had everything you could want from a game, except of course, a Raiders victory... Things started ominously when No 3'Radar' Richardson missed a 3 point strike after Michelle Jones psyked him out on the spot, A clearly hungover White Goodman added to a whole a cavalcade of errors from both teams, as the first 5 rushes prove inconclusive, to the point where the Raiders No6 'Lock Down' Leigh started to throw tantrums and hurl abuse at anyone within range (It's never a pleasant sight when a good jack goes diva chuck). White Goodman started to wake up when he received the ball, only for 'Beauty Scream' accidentally trip him up, No 3 'Radar' earned the enmity of the home crowd by fumbling not one but two 4 point shots in succession, (No Chuck I haven't seen that many fumbled balls since that night on Sallieana 3 either) whilst White Goodman's best effort was a cheap 1 point. 

Suddenly Michelle Jones landed a heavy hit to the back of Beauty Screams head, down and out she went, finally getting the crowd on their feet, with Michelle spending the next few rushes in the sin bin as a result, White Goodman must have been woken up by the crowd at this point, as he kicked into overdrive and dropped a 3 pointer to bring the Joe's up to 4 ahead. The raiders No1, 'Sniffer' Dawg got involved at this point, and threw a quick pass to Radar who slammed home a 4 pointer, possibly hoping to escape the beating he was undoubtedly going to receive later (that's right Chuck, Radar's wife is a beast when she's angry). With the score level the fans decided there was a game on and began cheering in earnest, No3 for the Joe's, Pepper managed a long run on his appearance off the bench, followed by a perfect pass to White who dropped another 3 points for the Joes, this was immediately countered by another two-way play by the Raiders with Radar putting another 4 points on the board to bring the Raiders to +1 (I'm pretty sure the fans can count too Chuck, but telling them the score is kinda my job..) 

At this point the crowd was screaming and the last few rushes promised to be stuff of Dreadball legend. Another great play by Pepper saw a long drive down the wall, a snatch pass past No10 'Blast Charge' left White with a third three point strike, The Joes at +2 were proving anything but Average. The Last rush for the Raiders, Radar and Sniffer pulled off one of the single greatest run-around snatch and grabs I have ever witnessed, they barely touched the ground, Radar dashed into the four point zone for one last throw, and as the ball left his hand, and arced toward the strike hex... and Exploded! In the final rush Pepper put himself on the score board but it was token gesture, +3 to the Joes after one helluva game, Chuck has just informed me that although Beauty Scream did survive surgery, wrist damage has meant she will be retiring from the game, an Icon of the rustbucket from it's earliest days, rumours say she is said to have been offered a position as an offensive coach.."

Game -3 loss 
Beauty scream died- cheap revive was -1skill- retired
No3 'Radar' reached rank 2- gained show off
5MC saved in bank
New Rating 126

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