Sunday, 8 December 2013

DreadBall Game 2

Game 2- No-Homers Club vs Rust-Eze raiders

"Marv 'the Mouth' Hengist here on Springfrost with my long time co-host Chuck Waggon once again, we've travelled all the way out here to Forge Father territory for the Rust-Eze Raiders second game of the season, and what a game it was! we had some ecstatic fans here at the No-Homers Secret Clubhouse, although strangely most of them were definitely NOT cheering for the home team, apparently the home fans shuttles were diverted around a crash site this evening, leaving the away fans to populate as much of the stadium as they wanted. 

The game started with a bang quite literally, as after a perfectly executed steal by No2 'Beauty Scream'allowing the her to gain access to the crucial 3 point zone with the ball, it exploded right there in her hands! (I've also experienced that tight grip Chuck and let me tell you, it wasn't pleasant) The forge fathers Guards decided to slim down the Raiders offense, and dropped No1 'Sniffer' Dawg out for the next few rushes, although despite multiple attempts they just couldn't put No10 'Blast Charge' Billy down, in fact he held up the entire team long enough for Beauty scream to repeat her steal trick, and slam home a 3 pointer whilst backflipping in showboating as blatant as I've ever seen. Those No-Homers Guards were a feisty bunch though, and this time managed to (eventually) drop Blast Charge, and the Steal Queen herself, but they couldn't capitalise on their numerical advantage as No3 'Radar' Richardson slid into the strike zone for a little 1 point (No that's not a height crack Chuck, do you think I want Digby down on my ass for height based discrimination? Not twice anyway..) Now things were looking decidely dodgy here for the Raiders, although they were 4-up, The FF had the ball within 4 points distance, they were down to one striker 'Radar', who was trying to keep a low profile (come on now Chuck stop laughing..) and their reserve striker was the free agent Jeff longshanks, last of the '4-leafed Roamers', he swept on to the arena and in a show of skill that dwarfed his opponents (DAMMIT CHUCK!!) snatched the ball from the FF jack, he couldn't see a space until the Robotic Free Agent 11001111 (is that a name?) smashed back two No-Homers guards in swift succession, Longshanks threw the pass.. 'Radar' caught it, he dashed into the 3 point Zone, and slammed it home in mid air, though to a less receptive crowd, who had just realised that it was all over early, whitewash to the Raiders! 

What a game Chuck, In a few moments we'll be live commentating on the friendly game both teams agreed to play to stop the Fans rioting, but if you are travelling home remember to avoid the wrecked ship currently being salvaged by Rusten Brothers Salvage (say don't they own the Raiders, now there's a coincidence) out on freight lane 9901, have a safe journey y'all (heh, I coulda said it was a short game but I didn't did I Chuck? waddya mean Digby's on the comm?..."

Game was 7 points to me, my income 25MC (I know) I purchased An extra Jack No8 'White Trash' Tony, another Coaching Dice and A Card) 

Beauty Scream ranked up- and got the MVP to boot- and gained a safe pair of hands,

New team rating- 131. 

(nothing changed for me during the friendly which ended 4 pnts to the FF)

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