Saturday, 4 October 2014

Ironsides Crew

I have managed to finish my Ironsides crew for Malifaux this weekend, as Ironsides is a wave 2 master, and wasn't in 1 or 1.5, there is no model for Ironsides herself, or for her henchman the Captain, her Totem Mouse or her Minions the Oxfordian Mages, this means I have had to proxy these models in. I love me a bit of converting though, so have thoroughly enjoyed creating them:) First- Ironsides, the master-

Ironsides is mainly from an extended wargames factory survivors- the women box, I stretched the legs out, added the belt and hammer and created the gloves using a human dreadball Jack I had lying around, by using charadon Granite in the mix for all the colours I painted her in be they brown, grey or black ai kept a nice tone to her that I have continued through the warband. Next her personal dwarf spy- Mouse.

Before crossroads I had assumed mouse was a streetkid of some description, rather than a short, bearded fagin-esque master spy, so I used an Ainsty castings streetkid, added pouches and a lasso, when the art came out I was far too lazy to change model so I just added the barrel under one arm and a rather badly green stuffed beard. looks like a strange cross between a seven dwarf and santa... may have to revisit him at some point. The Third Proxy- The Captain

This is actually my second Captain proxy, my first was a bit too short so I looked for a 32mm scale model that fit the bill, and found it in the warzone range- This is commander stryker, a lovely resin model fighting for the Capitol forces, he comes with a dog and only needed epaulettes (grossly large, I'm going lord flashheart here) and a few weapon swaps to set him up,  I added a rocket pack and rocketeer helmet to the base afterwards and I'm actually quite happy with him. a dashing haircut and rakish beard for the extra 'woof!' factor set him apart from the artwork (which is bald). The third set of proxies (and my favourites)- Oxford mages: 

These are entirely made from the Monks of Low river boxset and Greenstuff, I tried to follow the art that was released so I gave them tunics, lots of books, wands and crazy haircuts, the tomes by their waist denote their special upgrade- red is blood, which allows warded characters to ignore enemy conditions, blue is Void, which gives them regeneration, and purple is Nemesis, which gives benefits in duels with the enemy leader. after these proxies it was time to add some extra musle, so I picked up some M1.5 metal Union miners: 

I didn't like these models before I saw them in the metal, now I love them and had a ball painting them, you'll notice the third miner is missing, and that's because I disliked that model so much I converted him to a Bandito Gunsmith for some extra ranged power:

Just a greenstuff cape and hat, two oversized necromunda stubbers and he's giving fire support no problem:) I've been converting gremlin proxies for my friend Dominic recently, and as well as teaching me the game (slowly, I learn slowly) he gave me my next recruit, the highly useful Johanna:

an awesome limited edition model, I managed to pitch her between a 1940's pin-up and a viking warrior woman, very happy with her:) I managed to pick up my next recruit cheap at a show, and he's already proved his worth blowing the hell out of a Shen Long crew- the mad bomber Willie:

hehehe, can't say much more really, he was already assembled and needed some TLC such as taking out mould lines and covering an epic gap in his neck (see greenstuff neckerchief) but he is a blast (I know, that was pretty bad...) The next models I didnt have to proxy, but I'm cheap and bought 24 cyber-mat toys from a toy shop for £3, which i was using as scheme markers, they also make pretty nice Soulstone Miners as far as I;m concerned...

guitar wire+cyber mat+green stuff+turf= I am really really lazy, but happy nonetheless:) added to my Ramos crew and Rail golem this means my Arcanists are almost up-to-date (only Angelica and a random Razorspine rattler left to paint), so here are both my crews in all their glory to sign off for now:

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