Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Here kitty kitty..

As you can see, I'm doing well with M&SU still... here's a Sabretooth Cerberus for Marcus and co, with a Blue/White paint scheme inspired by Denis Graziano and his insane rattler, which i will be copying... oh yes...

I have also had a mad weekend painting height 1 models, including some Molemen to fit with the blue theme:

I reposed the one on the right, now he's asking for directions, bugs bunny style:) I also painted a raptor:

not a lot to talk about there, but done he is...

A mobile toolkit that really was made to accidentally resemble a minion- seriously, I didnt even notice it till I finished and my wife pointed it out....

the story behind this little fella us that I bought an additional M&SU at a Bring & Buy for a tenner, including everything except Joss, I wanted a mobile toolkit to chop up every now and then for scrap (it's 1ss less than an arachnid) so built it using plasticard for the legs, an arachnid body, and bits of Joss for the claws, with some scrap plastic for the top and a brass etched steam gauge on the front. I painted it yellow as that seemed industrial and bingo- Minion... I then used him in a game and realised toolkits are freakin awesome! They can give positive flips to a constructs damage as a 0 action, making Lazarus shooting pretty nifty, and Howard Langston a melee monster. so maybe he isn't for the chop as much as I thought. My last height 1 was the awesome wendigo- posed by my friend Neil leaping into the fight, I think he's ace and he will be (with better photos) one of my entries into the A Wyrd Place November challenge:)

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