Saturday, 1 November 2014

Gorilla warfare and Guerilla warfare

The Bushido stuff is still in progress, but largely thanks to the fact it's already built and mostly base coated I'm speeding through my new Arcanists (well, speeding for me...) here is a much needed Acolyte of December to counter those pesky snipers with some dirty sneaking around of my own, as well as the beastly Cojo, The bases need cogs and gears (and tufts in Cojo's case) but as I had the camera out today it seemed a good idea to do it now.

The acolyte I wanted to look like December, not just snowy, and when I asked my wife what she thought of when she thought of December, she said- dark nights. so as well as the statutory fur collar, I chose a very dark blue/green scheme and tried to blend the robes to suggest the darkness of winter, I'm pretty happy how it turned out.

Cojo (this is me attempting to stick to M&SU, can't you tell?) was painted purely because he was in the box and my brain went MONKEY! PAINT THE MONKEY! (I know gorilla's aren't monkeys, but my subconscious doesn't care) I went for a silverback gorilla style, with some glowing shards piercing his flesh in places. I added a blue undertone to all the paint on the model to tie it together, and really tried to create visible fur effect on the model, which lacks texture a little for me. the OSL isn't great, but it does what it is supposed to, and as usual for me, looks much worse in photos...)

What next? well I think I'll try and paint something for A Wyrd Place November challenge, but what it will be I do not know... 

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