Friday, 20 February 2015

Jonah's ToMB Month 1 - Learning the Ropes

Sonnia has hit the table twice in the last two evenings so thought I'd report back on my early findings.  Both games have been Guard the Stash from Gaining Grounds 2015 tournament rules.  First game was very slow as we were playing the new strategy for the first time, I was playing Guild for the first time and my opponent who was also Guild was playing Hoffman and his Power Loop shenanigans for the first time.

I took Sonnia (with Cherufe's Imprint), Samael (with Witch Hunt), Francisco (with Wade In and Hermanos De Armas), 2 x Witchling Stalkers, Guild Pathfinder, Brutal Effigy, 2 x Guild Hounds

Opponent had Hoffman, Mechanical Attendant, Guardian (I think, one with the big shield!), Metal Gamin, Rail Golem, Watcher, 2 x Hunters

Schemes were Spring the Trap, Breakthrough, Entourage, ALiTS and Distract.  Figuring that Guild are pretty slow (and my crew in particular) I opted against Breakthrough and Entourage and took ALiTS and Distract.  My opponent took Breakthrough and Distract.

Ended up 9-8 to my opponent (I scored 3 for ALiTS, 3 for Guard the Stash, 2 for Distract.  My opponent got 3 for Guard the Stash, 3 for Distract, 3 for Breakthrough).

Was an odd game for Sonnia as couldn't do her blast shenanigans because of the Mechanical Attendant and because of Power Loop my opponent was able to just choose Wp5 so that I couldn't get (+) flips.  There wasn't a lot of killing though I took out the Rail Golem early thanks to Sammael and his extra damage against burning.  He was also helped by the Pathfinder doing 5 damage with a focused shot hitting his trigger to ignore armour.  Just from his card Samael doesn't look very good as he's 11SS with his upgrade and looks like he'll fall over in a stiff breeze but he was pretty effective for me this game by handing out Burning (combined with Sonnia's condition so that Burning isn't removed).  I failed to score Guard the Stash one turn when I could have easily so that was a bad mistake and one of the Guild Hounds got killed early in the second turn which messed up my plan to have them running around together dropping scheme markers for ALiTS.  I also learnt not to let Hoffman take a swing at you as he crushed Francisco in one activation.  My opponent pulled off a very nice move with the Mechanical Attendant on the last turn where he used the RJ to disengage from Samael then discarded an upgrade so that he could lose Insignificant for a turn to drop a second scheme marker to score max VPs for Breakthrough.

Second game I took a very similar crew except I dropped the Hounds for an extra Witchling Stalker and an extra SS.

Opponent had Gremlins with Ophelia, Franciois, Merris, MvTavish, Mancha Rocha, 2 x Gators

Schemes were ALiTS, Make them Suffer, Protect Territory, Bodyguard and Vendetta.  We both ended up going for Make them Suffer and Protect Territory.

Lots of killing going on this game and Sonnia really got her damage on although there was a lack of Blasts again because they were spread out.  But she took out Ophelia and Francois (in combination with other stuff) and landed the finishing blow on Mancha although the big green wrestler also did 9 damage to her from a charge which was pretty gross (and gave her Paralysed though I removed it with a Witchling) before killing off a crocodile and Blasting onto the second one.  I struggled to score MtS because my opponent only had two Minions and kept them back so I only ended up scoring once for it.  It was a mistake taking this having seen the crews as I was giving up points quite easily by having so many minions and I should have gone for Bodyguard on Franscisco (he did die but mainly because  put him in trouble, I could have protected him easily).  I thought I'd be able to take out the minions easily then score automatic VPs for him not having any in play.  Ended up losing 8-5 (I scored 1VP for Make them Suffer, 1VP for Protect Territory and 3VPs for Guard the Stash, opponent scored 3VPs for Protect Territory, 3VPs for Make them Suffer and 2VPs for Guard the Stash).

Both games were good fun though and I'm starting to feel like I'm getting a grip with the Guild.  I'm still not sure Samael is a good investment at 11SS (he seems useless without Witch Hunt and I'm loathe to put LLC or anything else on him and make him even more expensive) but I think I'll probably continue with him a bit to get used to Sonnia's crew box some more.  I also want to try out Witchling Stalkers although I need to convert some from the Female TTB figures which my FLGS didn't have in stock (but I have ordered).  I'll hopefully be playing full crew boxes + some extras against Mick who's BLOG I'm sharing soon as we're both doing ToMB.

Nevertheless I still have a 100% record with Guild right...

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