Monday, 16 February 2015

Jonah's ToMB2 Month 0

My friend Mick has very kindly agreed to host me on his BLOG so this is a new experience for me and I'm hoping I'm not breaking it!  For those who don't know what Tale of Malifaux Bloggers (ToMB) is you can check out the details here.  The Tale comes at a convenient time for me as I've just decided to take a break from my Ressers and start a new faction - namely the law making scum known as the Guild.  A lot of my stuff has already been purchased but I've built it all since the Tale launched and I've had a frenetic spraying session today to get them ready for painting.  I will point out now that I am going to cheat a little as the idea is to mainly focus on a single Master but as I want to learn the Guild more thoroughly I'll probably branch out into more than one (especially as lots of the things I want to include come in crew boxes anyway).  Having said that I've decided to start with the Guild's resident witch hunting pyromaniac Sonnia Criid.  I've chosen her because she seems quite easy to learn, her crew box is quite easy to paint to get my initial pledge completed, and FIRE!!!  I will be adding Two Witchling Handlers to bring my initial commitment up to the month one total of £40 (Sonnia's box is £27 RRP and I'll be converting the Handlers from TTB miniatures but based at their RRP that equates to around £40).

I've run a PLOG on Warseer before but have never done one that also focuses on gaming as well as painting so am looking forward to documenting my progress.  The commitment is once a month but I'll aim to update the BLOG every 7-10 days depending on how frequently I get games in.

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