Wednesday, 11 March 2015

ToMB2 - Jonah's Month 1 (A little late and a little under ...)

OK, first up I'm a little late with this as the title suggests.  Only managed to get these done yesterday and they're not based yet as I need to wait to get some basing materials.  I have also managed to get the crew box done rather than the full £40 worth as should have been done this month.  Hopefully the kind souls running ToMB will show lenience on me and let me make it up next month.  Anyway, enough waffle, here are some pictures of the finished Torch and the Blade crew box:

Here it the Witchling Handler that I am converting from TTB stuff.  I had planned to get her converted and painted for this month but ran out of time.  I couldn't make what I really wanted as there were no appropriate swords in the set so I decided to go for something a bit different and make this.  I thought the flaming hands would represent her Aura.  I'm not entirely happy with it and have been told about licensed casters coming with Wave 3 so it might make it as one of them:


  1. now you've got past the horrible witchlings it time to paint fun things!!

    1. I think Franc is going to be next for my Guild as I have a scheme that I think will loo cool.. But I want to paint my rather awesome A&D for the AWP painting contest and have a SDE miniature to finish painting first! Then I need to finish the Handler and make up the rest of my £s for next month ...

  2. Nice painting. I like the fire on Sonnia's sword, though I find that adding the black to the flames gives it a colder look. I look forward to seeing what the Handler looks like with some paint on her.