Sunday, 8 March 2015

Mick's ToMB2 Month 1 challenge complete!

So I finished on time (just), although  no faces as my hands are shaking too much for fine detail this week, but there will be, and tattoos.. oh yes... (a final note- none are as shiny as my crappy photography skills make them appear)

Here's the whole month one purchase:-

Kang and the boys- (named Jason, Lucky and Scum) these will definitely have tattoos, kang's wrist has an obvious join I missed that I can hide behind some ink, and I think the rest would benefit from some yakuza meets work-gang style ink. modelling wise they were fon to build, with some alternate arms (and leg) but very gappy for non-posable plastics, the first time I've had an issue with a wyrd model not fitting flush, but I know these are older moulds so hopefully it'll be my only experience too:)

Next (rather inexplicably) is my wind gamin/Tengu proxy, made from a malifaux raptors wings and my spare Metal gamin, he's running as a metal gamin for now, but I wanted something a bit different in the crew and this seemed to fit:) annoyingly one of his claws fell off at some point between painting and photography, I'm going to blame the cats...

The small guys- Two Metal Gamin (silver and gold) and the Emberling. all pretty straight forward builds, to anyone making the Gamin I would suggest attached the skirt to the front of the larger Gamin before it's arms, as it was a bit tricky after. no real gap issues with the gamin, but I did miss a massive line around the base of the emberlong, which I'll fix at some point, It's so straight it couldn't be hidden easily so watch out for that when you are building your own rail crew. 

The boss- again I missed some obvious gaps when filling (what I get for doing it so late at night) mainly her left shoulder, but I'll add some tats to mask those. I decided that her whilst her wood smashing base was very cool and in character, it wouldn't ft that well with the rest of my M&SU on the quarantine zone industrial rubble bases, so I knocked up a giant exploding cog base instead, mounting mei on a pile of flying debris in the centre, this came out pretty well, even though I cant paint metallics well at all (so why base my entire army on them? who knows...) 

I've played two games with them, a close 8-6 against Jonah's Sonnia (see below) and a not close at all 10-1 against Ben's Proxy Molly crew, in which I conceded turn 3 after making some really REALLY stupid decisions (and he summoned 4 Students of steel in a row against my almost entirely construct crew, to be fair to Ben he built a staggeringly efficient Molly crew with Molly and Toshiro summoning, Phillip and the nanny generating extra cards, one each of the nurse, belle and canine for claiming recon if he didn't summon and Chiaki and the arcane effigy buffing the summons/summoners, it was horrible, and as I'n never even read molly, let alone played her, I bunched up and was quickly taught a lesson in Resser 101). I learnt different lessons from each game- 

Firstly- Mei feng- is not survivable, I can't just throw her into a mob like Ironsides and expect her to walk out again unscathed, nor can I start popping spiders to heal up fast like Ramos, she goes down fast without her trigger, and Molly's crew in particular had so many extra attacks it didn't take them long to put her down at all. she is quite punchy, but not reliably so, in Jonah's game she took 5 attacks to kill a witchling, and in Ben's after three attacks vs Chiaki I caused all of 3 wounds. her ML of 6 is easily neutered by good defense, and my utterly crap hands in both games meant I was unable to get the 13's I needed to hit at all. Her strengths are her speed, her chained attacks against lighter opponents, and her defense trigger, against Ben I should have stoned for the trigger at least once, but I am too shy with SS and still need to improve there. 

Kang is great, very hard to put down, especially if you can save a SS for late game, pretty hitty and very threatening to undead, so threatening in fact, that when I tried to use him as entourage bait vs ben he completely ignored him as he was worried about the damage Kang would inflict... Doh! Imbued defense made him even grittier, and although he needs a bunched up crew to get the best from him, he performed well enough in both games for me to consider him a good henchman for Mei.

Rail workers- slow, low wounds and no ranged attack made me consider these models pretty poor before I fielded them, but with that mental (0) action, and the buff from Kang, they were amazing at killing undead, if they could pass the WP test ever... I like them, but am unsure what role they play, they aren't fast enough to run schemes, or killy enough for reckoning/headhunter, or survivable enough for protect territory, for now they seem a good all rounder, but not specialised enough at anything. 

The Emberling- 3ss for a non-insignificant model that can drop scrap for Mei, set things on fire and be a legit railwalk target itself is awesome. an amusing trick I used against Ben was to hire an Ice golem, Throw the emberling, activate it next to drop scrap and move, and create a nice big chain for Mei very quickly. 

Metal Gamin- enough has been said elsewhere about the amazingness of these ubiquitous models, a great 4ss investment, but I must remember magnetism more, I undervalue it and it could have turned the tide against Ben had I utilised it more against his students of Steel. 

Next months purchases are a bit of an issue, I already own a fair bit of the M&SU and arcanists (I have my custom Rail Golem, Willie, Union miners, Ramos crew, Ironsides crew, some half built coryphee, molemen, Rasly box, Marcus box and a range of other bits) So to pick up new models I am thinkingI may have to go Mercenary:- Silent one or Friekorps librarian for some healing, an Arcane effigy for some condition removal outside Johanna, and maybe a friekorps trapper or Hans so snipers don't ruin me quite as much as they do now, any thoughts?

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