Thursday, 22 October 2015

Come with me, And you'll be, in a world of pure imagination....

Well, I finished my first Ten Thunders Crew during the break, and I chose Lynch and his box set. Now I actually really dislike the fluff for the ten thunders, they come across as vicious bullies pretending to help the people, which for some reason annoys me more than say, absolute evil gits like Dreamer or the Guild in General. So I decided to convert all of them into not the TT. most of them will be Mongol themed, but Lynch, well I already knew ho he would be handing out brilliance. Meet Sweet William, the finest confectioner in Malifaux..  

I tried to get Sweet William as close to Gene Wilder's look as possible, I added a TTB head and cane hand, and green stuffed a floppy bow tie. As I was researching his look I noticed he has a pattern of small purple and white flowers over his waistcoat: 

I was painstakingly attempting to reproduce them when my wife walked past and pointed out that they looked like sweet williams, a type of dianthus flower:-

Which means William Wonka, maker of many Sweets, was wearing a waistcoat covered in sweet william. Mind Blown. Costumer, whoever you are, I salute you. 

Then Huggy had his turn. Hungering Darkness- he needed to be a bit scarier than the weird worm I had. so some more green stuff and two old epic tentacles and:-

Now that is much better, glowing with the brilliance he just consumed from his latest victim, I took his eyes and added limbs, spikes and plates to make him look like a true monster.

and the Depleted he just had for lunch. The illuminated I was working on are now based to fit the crew, and I can call my TomB complete. only several months late....

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