Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mysterious Emissary

despite not having Neverborn, I decided I liked the Mysterious emissary art enough to have a crack at making one, i'm very happy with the result, I don't fully sculpt a model very often (I'm pants at faces and hands) so this is a proud achievement for me, even made a few of the terrain markers it generates to go with it:) I've since found it a good home with a neverborn player who appreciates the emissaries on-table abilities.

entirely green stuff and grey stuff, the only element on the model I didn't sculpt is the tree and crow on the base, they're from Avatar Zoraida who is currently swimming around as my Ice dancer.  

The pistachio shells on the bases are pretty obvious, but the larger creatures are a bit more unusual= they're press moulded from an antique spoon my wife has hanging in the kitchen;)
 you'll also notice the photo quality is somewhat better (i.e. marvellous instead of utter tosh) that's down to Jonah taking the photo's for me, he's got the knack that boy:)

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