Sunday, 15 February 2015

Mick's ToMb2 post month 0-

As you can see from the post above- I have a guest blogger for the next few months (or as long as he sticks around) in the form of Jonah (or Jonahmaul on the Wyrd Forum) Jonah is a long time hobbyist and friend of mine and is unfortunately much better at pretty much all wargames than me, (he does all these weird things like remembering the rules, paying attention during the game and reading FaQ's and forums to answer complicated rules queries...) however as we both wanted to do this Tale of a Malifaux Blogger thing, it seemed like a good idea to combine forces, by working on the same blog we can give each other a kick up the backside if we start to slack or miss deadlines, and it means we're guaranteed to have at least one opponent to play those all important games:)

I'm going to adding to my M&SU for ToMb, with Mei Feng as my master of purchase (I bought her at the start of the month and have so far done.. nothing, best get a wiggle on...) The starter set cost me £20.40, so I'll be adding a set of Metal Gamin to it at £12.70 for a total of £33.10, I don't want to completely overload myself painting so I'll save the other £6.90 for next month.

It says to highlight money saving tips here so I'll add something that has helped me quite a bit in recent years- doing favours. I have done a fair few favours for my local gaming store, as well as friends and local companies like Great Escape Games and Model Display products. these favours range from helping out at shows, making or fixing terrain or sculpting and painting models. Regardless of what your particular skillset is there's bound to be something you can contribute, even if it's just time, and helping other hobbyists out in your local area is a great way to source unusual bits for your bits box, or just get a few freebies (like Malifaux lessons from Dumb Luck). In this particular case I sculpted some bases for MDP a while back (these ones actually) and in return I get free resin base offcasts, which I can always fix up and saves me a ton of both money and time, I've been using the Industrial Rubble bases for my Arcanists and I have enough for Mei Feng and her boys too.


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